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Johanna Bell workshops


Aimed at creating a love of language, Johanna’s workshops offer a fun way for young people to learn about the must-have ingredients in a good story and how to play with tools like simile, metaphor and onomatopoeia. Workshops can be tailored for your context with some examples being:


  • Author visit and Q&A

  • Interactive book reading

  • Create your own cheeky character

  • Make your own picture book

  • Write and illustrate a collection of poems

  • Write and illustrate a collection of short stories


Workshops are suitable for students with a range of literacy needs and can be adapted for primary, middle and high school students and for young people outside the formal schooling system. 


A clear and compelling story is a critical tool for leaders, businesses and brands that want to make an impact.  Johanna and her team at StoryProjects can teach you the art of oral storytelling and help you turn the most meaningful events from your life and work into unforgettable stories. StoryProjects offers:


  • StoryCRAFT workshops

  • Story coaching

  • Narrative strategy advice

  • Podcast development and production




'Johanna was a great mentor … She provided a different way of looking at things and with her help, we were able to rework standard presentations into compelling narratives that engaged with audiences on an emotional level.' The Fred Hollows Foundation

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